The Lindisfarne Community is ecumenical and inclusive. We seek unity rather than discord and have gladly joined hands with others in their seeking after God. Our formal relationships are reflected here, while we have developed friendships with myriad individuals, groups, and organizations through relationships with our members and their ministries over the years. Our connections are diverse and we are pleased to be a catalyst for unity.

The Celtic Christian Church

We have a concordat of intercommunion with the Celtic Christian Church:

"We are an independent catholic and orthodox Church, living our faith in the spirit of the ancient Celtic Church . . . Christians from every denomination are welcome to worship with us. For some the attraction is the sacramental life. For most it is the unity which is found in and through the one faith, as opposed to the unity of structure."

Presiding Bishop of the CCC is The Most Rev. Cait Finnegan, OMC

See their website.

Association of Professional Chaplains

In September 2010, The Lindisfarne Community was recognized by the Association of Professional Chaplains as an ordaining Institution. Clergy in the community may now apply for certification with the APC and apply for posts in institutions  that employ certified chaplains.

See their website.